Does The Tsangpo Join The Brahmaputra?

  In June 2014, while I tramped along the north and south banks of the Brahmaputra, I came across a piece of history, buried in a few books and in Surveys of the British Empire. […]

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How The Paris Agreement Lost Its Soul

Under grey-blue skies in Paris, a day after the United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP21, was initially scheduled to end, the intense two-week negotiations ended in backslapping and hugs and much self-congratulation. Nearly 200 […]

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Favorite Readings on The Environment

A couple days ago I’d asked the crowd for their favorite readings on the environment, defining the word in its broadest sense. This resultant list includes works of fiction and non-fiction that illuminate a wide […]

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Resurrecting The Vanished Paliwals

New dunes had swept yesterday’s roads under its patterned blankets.  U-turn upon several forced U-turns later, we found ourselves on an unfamiliar road, driving through a strange town. A fort rose out of nowhere and […]

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Toxic River, Poisonous Air In God’s Own Country

16 July, 2013 was the kind of nightmarish day you’ve likely seen in distant Hollywood films. But then, in a cinema hall, you know that a few hours later credits will roll and you’ll step out […]

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Wasting the Desert

If you drive north-west from the desert town of Jaisalmer into the deep desert, you see things. You see vast swathes of arcing grasses and tall feathery khejri trees, you see little clumps of desert […]

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Circle of Life

A thin steel needle-like bridge pierced a forest sagging with moss and moisture. Bee hives hung heavily, sheltered from the summer sun by the thick canopy. Then, suddenly, the forest was gone. As if a […]

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I met Ben in the summer of 2011 for the first time. We were driving across rather empty grasslands that day, when suddenly, we came upon a big makhna (tuskless male elephant) in a ditch […]

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Where there’s music in the water

“Let’s go see Supi in Wayanad,” said Pradip, and I needed no further convincing. I’d heard much about Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary and could think of nothing better than to visit there with Pradip, the guru […]

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What Soars Above || What Lies Beneath

And so it is, with this exuberant Grewia eriocarpa in BRT Tiger reserve. Bursting into flush, you see it from miles away on hills afar, and drive under its golden garb most unexpectedly. And? Its […]

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